Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

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PRP hair treatment therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Regrow your hair with this simple process!

PRP therapy is fast becoming an international standard for treating hairloss. This non-surgical procedure, performed by an experienced dermatologist produces awesome results. Hair looks more natural, you look younger and it’s never too late to re-live your college days.

Our doctors have conducted multiple research studies to observe and improve the practice of PRP therapy and they are known experts in this field.

PRP therapy is a unique technique in which a concentrated form of plasma is extracted out of blood and is used for treating hair fall or other hair thinning problems. This extracted plasma is highly rich in growth factors. It is a scientifically proven, non-surgical procedure which is very effective and gives fruitful results. It is highly beneficial in regrowth of hair.


Advantages of PRP therapy are:

  • Natural procedure: PRP is a simple and non-complex procedure that gives you results naturally. There’s no surgical method involved.
  • Result oriented: The consecutive sessions of PRP gives you significant results. This method is very productive and successful in hair growth.

  • Duration: The whole procedure takes only 30 to 45 mins, so you do not need to plan your treatment in advance.

  • Suitable for all: PRP therapies are proven beneficial on both male and female hair loss type.

  • No after effects: Seeing that the patient’s own blood is used in treatment, there are no adverse effects caused due to it.

In this technique, the whole plasma is separated from the blood sample by a centrifugation method at a very calculated speed by the experts. This plasma is further carefully injected into the scalp by the use of fine needles. It expedites the hair growth naturally giving you your dense hair look back again.

We at DermaOne, perform PRP therapy in such a way that there is no pain involved. The use of cooling appliances, anesthesia and vibration device makes the whole procedure, completely effortless for the patients. PRP therapy is being performed at a variety of centers in Delhi but only very few doctors have been able to get consistently good results. Dr. Vikas Sharma and Dr Anupama are pioneers in the field of regenerative medicine and have consistently improved and used PRP as an effective tool to help lots of patients from Delhi and surrounding areas. Our unique method of preparing PRP gives consistent results and has been presented at various conferences. We have developed and taught this technique to various doctors over a period of 6 years at the prestigious Safdarjung hospital.

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PRP Hair Treatment

What is PRP , is it beneficial?

  • PRP is a natural regenerative office based nonsurgical treatment in which the growth factors in your blood are used to regrow hair.
  • PRP contains growth factors and cytokines that have been shown to be responsible for stimulating and enhancing hair follicle function.
  • PRP is very beneficial in treating hair loss & hair thinning
  • PRP strengthens the roots and increases the density in the existing hairs

What is the cost of PRP hair treatment?

PRP hair treatment cost generally starts from Rs.5000 for 1 session but it varies from clinic to clinic.

How much time does it take for one session of PRP?

PRP is an office based procedure which takes 30-40 minutes for single session of PRP which includes withdrawing blood, processing of blood to extract growth factors and injecting of PRP into the scalp.

Is PRP Therapy painful?

PRP therapy is not very painful ,generally very thin needles are used to inject PRP. Vibration devices and ice packs are used along with injections to make it very comfortable for patients. Patients are generally able to resume their normal activties after the procedure

How many sessions are required for PRP treatment?

Generally 3 sessions of PRP hair treatment, done one month apart are required for good results.

Is PRP therapy safe?

Yes, PRP therapy is safe procedure as patient’s own blood is used to extract the growth factors. It is a non-surgical procedure.

What is the success rate of PRP treatment?

The result and effectiveness varies from patient to patient. It decreases the hair fall, improves the quality of hair and causes thickening of fine miniaturized hair and hence increases hair density.

Does PRP also work on bald area where no hair or follicle exist

PRP only works on areas where pre existing follicles are present. So if the area is completely bald without any follicle PRP will not work in such cases and only hair transplant can help in hair regrowth.

Is there a recovery period or downtime after PRP treatments?

There is no restriction of activity after a PRP treatment. Patients may shower/shampoo their hair just several hours after the PRP treatment and can resume normal daily activities. Some brief mild inflammation noticeable as redness/pinkness and numbness of the scalp may be present for several hours. No chemical coloring treatments should be performed for at least 72 hours. Use of topical hair growth treatments can resume the next day

Are there any contraindications or other factors that would make someone ineligible for PRP?

Majority of healthy individuals can easily undergo PRP treatments. Certain conditions like blood and platelet disorders, chronic liver disease, presence of an active severe infection, cardiovascular or hemodynamic instability and/or the presence of anti-coagulation therapy would make the PRP contraindicated in such cases.

How soon can I expect results of PRP?

Hair growth improvements can typically be measured in about three to four months, but it might take six or more months to visually “see” the difference in photos and in the mirror.

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